What is the geo-fence feature?

Geo-fence feature on alarm

A Geo-Fence is a circular area defined by the user. This area is used as a reference to determine if a Geo-Device (e.g., a mobile device associated with the account) is inside or outside this area. Based on this, it is possible to create automation rules, reminders, and notifications.
For example, a thermostat can be set to specific temperatures based on whether the Geo-Device is inside or outside the radius of the Geo-Fence.

Note: The minimum radius is 1.6 kilometers (or one mile), and the maximum is 160 kilometers (or 100 miles).

A Geo-Fence is a virtual geographic boundary that by default, is set up around your installation address and lets you create location-based alerts and rules. Geo-Fence alerts and rules are based on the location of one or more mobile devices, also known as Geo-Devices. Using the Alarm.com customer website, you can edit the Geo-Fence location, name, and radius.

For detailed instructions on how to create, edit or delete geo-fences, please read the geo-fence instructions on alarm.com.

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