Question: What is the difference between Preventia Security and any other company?

Answer: Preventia is locally owned and operated. We provide professional installation of trusted Honeywell equipment by full-time team members. Our Five Diamond CSAA-rated monitoring lets you rest easy knowing you have the fastest, most reliable response rate available in the industry. With higher standards, easily-identifiable vehicles and employees, a simple scheduling and invoicing process, we offer an experience unlike our competition. All the resources of a large company with the personal interaction and quality that only a local company can provide.


Question: How affordable are your systems?

Answer: Very. Preventia alarm and camera system solutions are designed based around your budget and needs. Our sales representatives offer FREEĀ consultations to discuss both and developĀ a custom set up for your home or business. The Preventia Essentials Package, a standard for residential alarm systems, ranges from $600-$1500.


Question: How secure is the system?

Answer: Preventia proudly installs Honeywell equipment, a leading manufacturer in the industry! This equipment is as secure as it gets. Also, every system is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by our Five Diamond CSAA-rated central station (the highest rating given by the central station alarm association).


Question: Can I control the system through my phone? Can I view cameras?

Answer: Absolutely! Through Honeywell’s award-winning mobile app, Total Connect 2.0, you can not only arm/disarm your alarm system and view your cameras, you can control your whole home. Easily-installed automation devices allow you to manage door locks, lights, thermostats and more. Looking for a whole-home audio solution? We have mobile-control options for these systems as well!


Question: Can I use existing equipment?

Answer: Because we want you to get the best value, we encourage using any existing equipment that is compatible and of acceptable quality. Preventia sales representatives offer FREE in-person, on-site consultations to help determine what should stay and what should be replaced/upgraded.


Question: Do you offer wireless options?

Answer: We offer both hard-wired and wireless options for equipment. It all depends on your needs. As far as monitoring is concerned, we strongly recommend our cellular option! Preventia cellular monitoring in no way changes your personal cell service plan; the cost is included in your monthly rate. We quote what you pay, no taxes or hidden fees.


Question: What happens when the alarm goes off?

Answer: When we professionally install a new system, we set up an emergency contact list for the account. This information is updated with our local office and our central station. When the alarm goes off, a signal is sent to our central station operator. This operator will contact the individuals on the emergency contact list to determine if the signal was a false alarm. If no confirmation or contact is made, the operator notifies the appropriate emergency service department (police, fire, medical or all) and continues to try to reach someone on the contact list.


Question: I received a notification about a low battery. Can I change this myself?

Answer: Definitely. The backup battery is located in the control panel, for most systems. You can contact our office to help determine your control panel’s location. The backup battery is a 12volt, 4 amp and should have two small terminals on top. Simply remove the red and black wires and re-attach to the new battery’s corresponding terminals. Remember, this battery is only the backup power source!

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