Team Member Spotlight: Ariel Rodriguez

Meet Ariel Rodriguez. He’s a sales consultant here at Preventia.

Ariel got his start in sales and in the alarm security industry almost one year ago. Before he joined our Preventia family, Ariel served in the United States Military as a Cavalry Scout and he didn’t just happen upon this position. He had always had a love for the military (and guns!). After extensive research, he walked into the recruiter’s office with this specialty in mind. Ariel recalls choosing this role because he wanted to put himself in the most difficult position, a real life or death situation, to gain some clarity on his future. As it turned out, there wasn’t an open Cavalry Scout position at the time; however, Ariel waited until one became available, demonstrating patience that we’ve seen translate to his sales consultations. He didn’t have to wait long, though and, within a month of his initial visit, he received a call back from the recruiter and shipped out for basic training. Ariel enjoyed his post and promptly became the best marksman in his squad. His deployment was cancelled; a kindness to Ariel as he came to realize that it wasn’t the best fit and he finished his service contract to then pursue another career.

The time Ariel spent in the military not only gave him the chance to use a grenade launcher and experience a tank’s shot, it also broke him out of his shell and boosted his confidence. Since then, Ariel has grown to love opportunities to meet with new people in order to get to know them and their needs. He is a member of the Spring Hill Connect business networking group. Ariel believes that all sales consultants should be personable, empathetic, have good product knowledge and situational awareness (to identify customers’ needs).

Ariel is well-traveled, having visited all 48 continental states, as well as Spain, Italy, France, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico (with plans to visit Ireland, Belgium, Brussels, and The Netherlands this Fall). His motto is “live to eat”, believing firmly that pizza is a food group and that there is always room for a cookie.

This friendly, detailed sales consultant enjoys building rapport with new acquaintances – admitting that success in his work means helping people trust him and choose Preventia over another company. “It’s always good when they [potential customers] ask you to stick around after you finish your appointment, to  invite you to shoot and things like that.” Not something you might consider doing with just any sales consultant!

Ready to protect what matters most to you or need someone to drive anything from a scooter to an airplane – Ariel Rodriguez, Preventia sales consultant, is your guy!