Team Member Spotlight: Lucas Hutchinson

Meet Lucas Hutchinson.
He is a sales consultant here at Preventia.

Although Lucas only got his start in sales (and in the alarm industry) recently, his positive attitude and people skills have already helped him make waves in an often discouraging field.

Lucas is a Tennessee native, graduate of Ravenwood High School in Nolensville and the University of Tennessee at Martin. He earned his Bachelor of Science in political science, going on to use that knowledge to assist two high profile candidates in Wisconsin win their candidacy. While his work in Wisconsin was a considerable accomplishment and an opportunity to explore his passion, Lucas admits that one of the greatest challenges he’s faced this past year was finding a job he really enjoyed. He explained that he wanted a job where, at the end of the day, he could feel he had done something worthwhile and was able to serve people. And that’s where we come in. Lucas joined our Preventia family because:

“I feel that a security system is something that adds value to people’s lives; it’s a product that I can get behind and be proud of.”

These days Lucas has been canvassing for the cause of shielding lives. As he knocks doors, Lucas combats the possibility of rejection with what he calls ‘the right mindset’. He attests:

“Sales is a numbers game. A certain amount of people I meet are going to say ‘heck no’; a certain amount of people are not going to care about what I have to say whatsoever. Eventually, I will find someone who has a need and, when they have a need, that’s my time to help.”

He is committed to helping others sleep better at night and this is evident in the way he measures success: “being able to bring a smile to a customer’s face and knowing that they are satisfied at the end of an installation.”

Lucas is very involved in his church community; he readily asserts that his key motivators are friends, family, and faith. When not serving others through ministry or sales, Lucas enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, kayaking, biking, and, wait for it…playing his clarinet or saxophone!