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Garage Security – Automation


Garages and shops are obvious targets for unwanted visitors to come take what they want when you aren’t around.  These burglars find easy ways to get in, such as breaking a window or getting through … [continue]

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B.Y.O.(Smart Home Automation)D.


You’ve heard of BYOB. Well, there’s a new “bring your own” that’s gaining traction and it leads to fewer pour decisions. BYOD: bring your own DEVICE. We’re talking about smart home automation devices here and … [continue]

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The Stimulus for Security: Is It Changing?


Emphatically, yes! The traditional catalysts for having a security system installed – heightened assurance of  life safety and protection of one’s property – are taking a back seat to new motivators. So what does motivate … [continue]

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Preventia Team Member Spotlight: Will Kiilerich-Bowles


Meet Will Kiilerich-Bowles. He’s our Senior Sales Consultant here at Preventia. Will got his start in the alarm security industry and in sales nearly two years ago – and what a start it has been! … [continue]

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